Catfish CMS

Open source free PHP CMS

Does not require advanced expertise

Easy Flexible Stable and fast

Suitable for different needs

The latest version:V 6.7.3

The latest version of the catfish blog:V 4.7.3

Download immediately

Open source CMS

Catfish CMS is an open source PHP program that you can use for free and upgrade for life

Easy to use

The use is very simple, easy to use, fast and convenient, the official website is also equipped with a detailed use of the document

Quickly build a website

You can easily switch between different styles, you can also easily use your own development of the theme

SEO optimization

After optimization of the system SEO, so that each of your article pages are more easily included in the search engine

Free CMS

Free for individual, non-commercial and commercial users

System security

Catfish CMS is one of the most secure PHPCMS systems available today

Custom copyright

The copyright information of the front page can be conveniently set in the background management page

Auto update

Catfish CMS offers you professional-grade automatic upgrade service

Different terminals, the same wonderful

Whether in the computer, tablet, mobile phones can access to the layout of the appropriate Web site, even the WeChat and other applications built-in browser as well, visitors no longer need to zoom in and out is extremely inconvenient to browse the web.

Do not need to add content for each terminal, just to manage the contents of the computer website, other terminals automatically rendered.

The new "responsive website template", mobile users can get the same experience with the computer site, easy to find on the computer site to see the content.

Background management is also easy, even if you do not have a computer, you can also mobile phones and other devices to facilitate the management of your site.


Not just CMS

Personal blog system

Catfish CMS can also be used as a blog system

Easily switch site types

Just switch topics, blogs, portals, corporate sites, etc.

Powerful extensions

Catfish CMS can be flexibly transformed into different needs of the site

In case...

If you are a front-end designer

Then you can design exquisite pages for Catfish CMS.

Unique modular page design will allow you to focus only on html.

Learn about the simple template tags to get started with your design.


If you are a PHP engineer

Then you can make a powerful plug-in for Catfish CMS.

Plugin is the best tool for your free extension site function.

Plug-in production also has a simple code structure can be applied.


If you do not do anything

You can also build your site directly with the Catfish CMS system.

Simple and convenient background operations allow you to quickly start the business.

System upgrade is the steady development of your site a strong guarantee.


Multi-language support













Themes are arbitrarily switched


Weaving small program

Weaving small program

Group company

Group company

Host system

Host system

Good living decoration

Good living decoration

Catfish Blog

Professional blog system

Catfish Blog is a dedicated system for blogging, adhering to the many advantages of Catfish CMS

Convenient and focused

Catfish Blog system is very convenient and convenient to you just start blog writing can be a direct

Anytime anywhere creation

Full station adaptive design, you can write your blog posts from your mobile phone anytime, anywhere, record your life bit by bit.

Blog station demo

Focus on catfish blog system

Focus on catfish blog system

Single column Catfish Blog station

Single column Catfish Blog station

Simple Catfish Blog Station

Simple Catfish Blog Station

The work of cms development

0 days and nights focused on development
More than 0 hours of wisdom and sweat
Create the best boutique system

Your correct choice

The system supports a million content load
Use the easiest and most practical system
Common choice of 0 websites

Download the Catfish CMS system now

Simple deployment after download to start your own website

Download the Catfish Blog system now

Simple deployment after download to start your own website

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