Chapter 2: Find the home of the plugin

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In the previous  chapter, we learned how to use the plug-in, this chapter begins, we will  continue to learn how to make the plug-in, is not a little excited  mood.

Learn the plug-in production, you can play your imagination, so that your site has become very different.

To start making  plug-ins, we must first know where the plug-in file is stored in the  folder, we can only find the plug-in home in order to produce the  plug-in files stored in the correct location, plug-ins can be properly  executed.

let's start

We look at Catfish CMS system directory structure, as shown below

The figure is  the system root directory file structure, we find the "application" this  folder, and then double-click the mouse to enter the folder.

The above figure is the file structure into the "application" folder, where we find the "plugins" folder. Our plugin is in this folder.

We have found a plug-in home, let us look at how the situation is at home. We double-click the "plugins" folder, into the plug-in home.

Originally, the  plug-in home is a folder, the folder name is the name of the plug-in,  the folder is composed of lowercase letters. As  shown above is the system with the announcement of the default plug-in  folder, we can look back to the system background, bulletin plug-in name  is not the same as the name of this folder.

We do see the same, wellWe now know that "plugins" folder must be stored folder. The  name of the folder is the name of the plug-in. The name of the folder  is optional, as long as it does not conflict with the existing folder  name, and uses lower case letters.

Next, let us  look at the plug-in folder is how a situation, we double-click the  "announcement" folder will see the following figure shows

We finally see the true face of the plug-in, the original is a php filethe file name is the same as the plugin folder where this file is stored, and the first letter of the file name is capitalized.

The first letter of the file name capitalization, this is very important, do not forget!

Our plugin code is placed in the capital letters of the php file.

This chapter we learned to do a plug-in where to put, the next chapter we will officially start learning how to write the code.

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