Section 1: How to add articles

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After installing Catfish CMS system you open the home page is the following interface

This is a page without any content, then how to make your website content rich?

Let's look down

Add the first article

To write  articles in your system, we must first enter the system background, we  first in the browser address bar enter the background,replace the gray part with your own domain namethen press Enter, will enter the login screen

Please enter the  administrator account and password you set when installing the system,  and enter the verification code in the login box. If the verification  code is not clear, you can click on the verification code to switch the  verification code. Enter the correct content and press "Login" will be able to enter the management background

We can see the  management background is composed of five blocks, namely: content  management, page management, user management, menu management, system  management. These five pieces of content can be seen on the left side of the page, each sub-content below the content.

The right is the welcome interface shows the system information and the latest articles and so on.

When you log into the background, the system will check the latest version, you can upgrade the system as needed.

We click on the "content management" below "write articles" will be able to enter the writing page

You need to write the  article page to fill in the article title, content, these two are  necessary, the other if you do not need to fill, you can steal a lazy  ah. Of course, you can also assign a thumbnail to your article. Although you do not need a thumbnail for each article, it is recommended that you use thumbnails as much as possible, since thumbnails are displayed under the default theme and pages displaying thumbnails will look better than full-text pages^_^

When you have completed all the contents, you can press "Save".

Now that you have finished your first article, and immediately let the world of friends to see your masterpiece.

NoteIn order to make the  system run smoother and improve system performance, our system is added  cache, when you publish the first article, refresh the home page is not  see your article, you need in the background of the "system settings"  click "Clear cache", and then press the "delete  cache" button, so that you can refresh the home page immediately after  you write the article.

If you do not clear the cache, it will take some time before you see your new post.

The Backspace Top menu provides quick access to Clear Cache. As shown below

Careful friends  have found in writing the article page at the bottom of the "article  classification" one, how to add your classification of the article, we  will talk about in the next section.

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