Catfish CMS V 4.4.0 on the simplified theme of the production instructions

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In order to make  the theme more convenient, since the 4.4.0 version, Catfish CMS on the subject of the label was further simplified.

The main simplifications are as follows:
Original label  -〉 Simplified after the label

{:Url('/')}  -〉 {$url.href}
{:Url('/index/Index/search')}  -〉 {$}
{:Url('/login/index/register')}  -〉 {$url.register}
{:Url('/login')}  -〉 {$url.login}
{:Url('index/Index/userCenter')}  -〉 {$url.userCenter}
{:Url('index/Index/quit')}  -〉 {$url.quit}
{:Url('/index/Index/article')}  -〉 {$url.articles}
{:Url($previous.href)}  -〉 {$previous.href}
{:Url($next.href)}  -〉 {$next.href}
{:Url($vo.href)}  -〉 {$vo.href}
{$pinglun->render()}  -〉 {$pages}
In the menu link
Url($vo.href)  -〉 $vo.href
{notempty name="vo.zidingyi"}{$vo.href}{else /}{:Url($vo.href)}{/notempty}  -〉 {$vo.href}
Specific production can refer to the system comes with the theme.

If you are using  other themes downloaded from the official website, please re-download  the corresponding theme to cover the original theme file.

Note: before or after the upgrade, you need to clear the cache in the background!


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