How to use the article to expand the theme

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We all know that the Catfish CMS system theme file structure is as follows:

This is the most  basic theme file structure, since the beginning of version 4.4.4,  Catfish CMS in the background to write articles to increase  the form of the article set:

The form of the  article need to use the theme file to use, different articles can call  the corresponding theme of the corresponding documents, so that the site  display more colorful.

The form of the article is actually the expansion of the theme, the expansion of the theme file structure is as follows:

The correspondence between the form of the article and the theme file is as follows:

Article formTheme file

Of course, if you do not  want to add additional theme files is also allowed, the system will  automatically call "article.html" this default theme file. That  is, you can decide whether you want to add the corresponding article  form theme file, or just add a section, depending on your preferences or  the actual situation.

The production of the theme file with the "article.html" theme file production, you can refer to it.

Additional, need  to add is the "album.html" album theme files and "paging.html" paging  theme files, these two articles in the form of a number of convenient  template tags, are described as follows:

album.html album theme file:

Album theme added template tag xiangce, xiangce tag also contains tags qianyan and tu.

Specifically,  the tag qianyan can be used like this {$neirong.xiangce.qianyan}, which  separates the text in front of the picture when we post the article,  and we define all the text before the picture as a preface, here with  pinyin as the tag name easy to use.

The other tag tu  can be used like this {$neirong.xiangce.tu}, which separates each  image when the article is published and the description text followed by  each image. The tag href can be used to get the picture address and Through the label shuoming to get the picture behind the instructions followed by the text. Similarly, in order to facilitate the use of here is also used Pinyin.

You can use the following code to loop through each image and its description:

{volist name="neirong.xiangce.tu" id="vo"}

<img src="{$vo.href}">

paging.html paging theme file:

The paging form of the article is used when the article content is long and requires paging display. The default article shows all on one page, and of course you can also implement article paging with additional code. The  paging format provided by the system can be designed separately for the  theme file, and the corresponding tag {$neirong.fenye} is added to  facilitate paging. You can use the template syntax to loop  through the contents of each tab, or you can output the contents of the  first page directly from the tag {$neirong.fenye.1}, and the contents  of the other pages are pushed.

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