How to achieve multi-person co-editing site content

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If your site needs more people to edit and maintain, then how to achieve multiple staff collaborative editing site content?

We can in the background of the "user management" to find "add background users", as shown in Figure:

Click will enter the background user interface, as shown in Figure:

You can set the user name and password for the new user, and you can set the role for the new user. Set up and then press "add" on it. And then you can log in the interface with your user name and password to log in the background.

User roles are divided into: author, editor and administrator.

The author has the least permissions, can only publish articles, and can only edit their own articles.

Editors have  greater permissions, not only to publish and manage articles, but also  to other users of the article management and editing.

Administrators  have the highest privilege, not only to complete all the editing work,  but also for the full management of the site background.

When you need  more people to work together, you can add the appropriate user to  complete the entire site content updates and maintenance work.


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