How to use style files in plugins

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We all know that web styles can be used to embed code directly into html files, or to create a separate external style file.

When we develop Catfish CMS plug-in, it is also possible to use the style. So how do you use the plugin?

We also have two ways to use the style:

First, the style  code will be directly mixed html code into the plug-in file (plug-in  file how to make reference please refer to this site related articles);

Second, the style code is written to a separate file, and then in the plug-in file reference this style file.

It is clear that the second method will make the code more clearly and concise, then how to make and use the style file?

We take the system comes with the announcement plug-in, for example, assuming that we want to add a style file to the plug-in.

We all know that one of the simplest plugins can contain only one file, as shown below:

This is our  familiar bulletin plugin file, and now we want to give this bulletin  plugin with an external style file, we need to first create a folder,  assuming the folder name we set "css", then this announcement plugin now  looks That's it:

Then we create a new style file "announcement.css" in this "css" folder and write the style code. How to write the style code, no longer start here, you can refer to the relevant information.

The next thing we need to  do is use the style file in the "Announcement.php" file. The style file  reference requires a built-in function "$this->import". For this example: $this->import('css/announcement.css'). Put this in front of the html code on it. In  the actual example, we assign it to the "$data" together with the html  code, and then display the content through the built-in function add.

If you do not  use external style files, you can directly assign the style code and  html code to $data, which is the first method. When the style code is not very complicated, this method may be more intuitive.

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