So verwenden Sie Javascript in Plug-in

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We all know how to use javascript in the page, then we in the design of Catfish CMS plug-in can also use javascript? The answer is of course yes, and the use of javascript in the plugin is also very simple.

Here, let's take a look at how to use javascript in the plugin.

Still  use the system comes with the announcement plug-in example, assuming  that we want to join the plug-in javascript code, how to do it?

There are two ways:

One is  directly to the javascript code and html code mixed into the plug-in  (plug-in how to make reference please refer to this site related  articles)

The second method is to put the javascript code into a separate file, and then in the plug-in reference to this file.

The first method  is very simple, when the javascript code is not very complicated  circumstances, we can directly use the first method. But  when the code is more complicated, if you still mix with the html code,  you may feel that the code is not concise, then we can use the second  method, the javascript code in a separate file.

The following figure is the simplest plugin that contains only one file:

Now we  hope to be able to use javascript in the plug-in, we first in this file  where the folder to create a new folder, named "js", as shown below:

Then we built a javascript file in the "js" folder, assuming we built a file called "announcement.js". Then we will come to the realization of the js file to the plug-in.

As with the reference style file, we need to use the built-in function "$this->import()", the actual code is as follows:


Then we assign it to $data with the html code, and finally display the content with the built-in function "add".

Very simple, as long as a simple line of code can refer to the external javascript file.

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