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Starting with Catfish CMS 4.7.X and Catfish Blog 1.2.X, the system supports combined and easy labeling. The combination of labels and simple labels is to further reduce the difficulty of the theme of the design, you can put the original need a long section of the label code to represent the content with a simple label. Of course, if you've designed the theme the way you did before, you can still use the original theme, which means the label is fully compatible. To put it another way, you can now not only make themes the same way you did, but you can also choose a simpler way to make them.

Combinations of labels

Combination of labels is a kind of placeholder labels, used to replace the original complex placeholder labels, for example: the original need to use a large piece of code to achieve classification page sidebar occupancy:

{notempty name="side_top"}{$side_top}{/notempty}

{notempty name="category_side_top"}{$category_side_top}{/notempty}

{notempty name="article_list_side_top"}{$article_list_side_top}{/notempty}

{notempty name="search_side_top"}{$search_side_top}{/notempty}

Now just need to be like this:


Is not super easy, other placeholder tags can be found with the release of the system together with the theme, Catfish CMS is a blog theme for the blog station, the other is the default theme for the cms station, these two themes The main purpose is to make reference to the theme of the production staff. CatBlog-blog theme can see cBlog-sample, this theme is mainly for designers reference.

Here is to mention that, placeholder tags are not the subject of the necessary, you can make the theme without placeholder tags, but do not have the scalability will not be strong, but will not affect the use of the theme.

Easy label

Simple tags are also designed to make the theme design simple, for example, the original site logo picture link address to read:

src="{if condition="$logo eq ''"}{$domain}public/{$template}/images/catfish.png{else /}{$logo}{/if}"

Now simply a label on it, as follows:


Is not it easy?

Some of the easy labels are only for use on the Catfish Blog, and it's important to note this.

For more information about the use of labels, see the Catfish CMS and Catfish blogs topic booklet (Second Edition)

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