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Beginning with "Catfish CMS 4.7.X" and "Catfish Blog 1.2.X" versions, theme designers can customize tags, which means that theme designers can not only use system-defined tags, but also have their own set Set the label and easy to use in the theme. Before we talk about how to customize a label, let's look at how to use it when a custom label is set.

Custom labels to use

Suppose we have a custom label, for example, I set the name of the label "biaoqian", of course, the name of the label is set by yourself, but need to meet some naming conventions, the naming convention will be introduced below. Now with this new label, how do I use this label in my theme? Very simple, we can use the theme in the form of "{$z_tag name}" to use, where the tag name is your own set of tag name, as mentioned above, is "biaoqian." Then we can use the tags we set ourselves in the theme as {$z_biaoqian}. To put it simply, you prefix the label name you set with "z_" and you are ready to use it.

Custom label naming conventions

Let's take a look at some of the naming conventions for named tags:

1, the label name using letters, numbers, underlined composition;

2, the name of the label begins with the letter.

The above two points are the suggested label naming conventions, so why do you suggest a named label so much because it is less prone to error and the code will appear clearer, and the two specifications are easy to remember.

How to define a new label

Define your own label is to be used in the theme, then let's look at how to define their own labels. Custom label format is:

Tag name: tag content; // comment

The label name is your own label name. For example, "biaoqian" mentioned above, followed by a ":" sign after the label name. The colon should be an English half-width symbol and can not use the full-width colon of Chinese. Behind the colon is to be displayed to the page content, is the content of this label. The final content of the label with a half-size ";" end, that the label has ended. If you need to annotate this tag, you can keep "//" after the semicolon and then write the comment.

It should be noted here, in addition to the contents of the label inside the URL with "/" (such as "http: //"), you need to be "//" written as "// Is the "//" escape, otherwise it will be treated as comments. The "//" inside the URL does not need to be escaped.

The naming convention of a tag is a line of naming a tag. Need to name the second label, you must start another line from the name. E.g:

biaoqian1: the content of the label 1; // tag 1 comment

biaoqian2: the content of the label 2; // tag 2 comment


Of course, this comment can be omitted, as follows:

biaoqian1: the content of the label 1;

biaoqian2: the content of the label 2;


After we design the label well, what to do next? Next, we need to put a custom label into a label file, and name the label file "labels.html". The file name is fixed. Then put this label file under the theme folder.

For example, suppose the structure below your original theme folder looks like this:

Then we put a label file in this theme folder, it becomes like this:

The "labels.html" file is the label file, which is the one-line label code in the label file.

The tag in the tag can be normal text or HTML code, but if the tag is divided into multiple lines, the end of each line in the middle can not end with ";".


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