Chapter 1: the theme file structure

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Now we will learn how to create your own theme for your Catfish CMS site.

Production theme requires you to have basic html, css knowledge.

We are now  talking about the premise of making the theme that you already have a  preliminary html, css knowledge, if you do not have the knowledge, then  you take the time to add an additional get out of class. We are not here to expand the content of the study. Of  course, as long as you have html, css have an understanding on the  line, if you do not intend to learn html, css knowledge, then it does  not matter, we want to talk about the content you can understand,  because our theme is too simple.

One of the principles of Catfish CMS system design is to minimize the cost of learning for users, and to ensure simplicity, including the creation of themes.

Let us first understand the structure of the theme file.

The theme file is placed under the "public" folder.

When you download the Catfish CMS system, and decompression will be able to see the following figure shows the file structure

One of the "public" is the theme of our production files will be stored in the location.

After opening the "public" folder you will see the following folder structure

"Default" and  "blog" folder is the system comes with two themes folder, "default" is a  CMS-style theme, "blog" is a personal blog style theme.

Please do not delete the folder that comes with the system.

Now suppose we're going to create a new topic called "mytheme". Then we need to "public" folder to create a new folder, named "mytheme", as shown below

Then put the theme file you are going to create into your "mytheme" folder. The system will be able to automatically identify your theme.

Next, let's look at the "mytheme" folder should put some files.

We can first look at the "default" folder below the file structure

This is the "default" theme of all files and folders. Is not that super simple^_^

The following is a description of the file structure

Smart friends will find,  in fact, the main theme of the production work as long as the completion  of the production of three files on the line, because the header and  footer files are included in other documents, so as long as the  production of "article.html", "category. Html "," index.html "three documents on it.

The other is the "page" folder below the page template, you can, as the case made one, two, or more, the number is not limited.

We have learned  the structure of the theme file, the next one we will learn the theme of  the production need to use a simple template label.

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