Catfish CMS installation

Catfish CMS is  an open source content management system developed with PHP. It has many  excellent features, simple operation, easy to use theme and flexible  application. It can be used in different types of websites, such as  content management system, personal blog and corporate website.

Such a good system to how to use it? Let's start with our Catfish CMS installation.

let's start

一、Download the Catfish CMS system

Visit Catfish  CMS's official website (, and then in the top of the  menu bar to find "download", with the mouse to click, enter and find  the download link can be downloaded.

After  downloading, you will get the file as shown in the following figure (the  version number of the file may be different due to the system version  upgrade from time to time)

And then extract the file, you can see the directory structure shown below

Now you can extract all the files and folders to the root directory of your WEB environment.

Please ensure that your WEB operating environment meets the following conditions

PHP >= 5.4.0 (Note: PHP5.4dev version and PHP6 are not supported

PDO PHP Extension

MBstring PHP Extension

CURL PHP Extension

二、Install the Catfish CMS system

After copying  all the files, you can open the browser, and then in the browser's  address bar enter your domain name, the system will automatically enter  the installation page. For example: the site  domain name is, then as long as the browser address  bar enter "" can begin to install the system. Remember to replace your domain name!

Enter the address, the first page is as follows

This is a system usage protocol that you read carefully, and then press "Accept" to proceed to the next step.

Press "Accept" and the following page will appear

This is a  running environment detection page. If you find out which item is not  ticked, please re-set your WEB environment to meet the system  requirements and re-install.

If your web environment meets all the criteria, then you can click Next to continue.

Click Next and you will enter the create data page:

Please fill in each item completely and correctly and press "Create Data", then the system will enter the data creation page

Now all you have  to do is wait for a few seconds, and after the installation, the system  will automatically jump to the completion interface

See this interface shows that your site has all installed! You can start a happy journey!

Well, the installation has been completed, you are not very excited, let us open the site home to see it

When you enter the address of your website in the browser address bar, the following page appears

You will say, "Nothing! What should I do next?"

Do not worry, then let us learn to "start using", the same is very simple^_^

You can also experience the case, please visit the case轻松拾贝

Of course, you can always click on the top of the page menu "start using" to learn to use the system.


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