Catfish CMS Green Integrated Environment

In order to  facilitate friends in the local machine testing Catfish CMS system,  especially the introduction of the "Catfish CMS PHP green server  integration environment", hereinafter referred to as "integrated  environment."

If you have not already  created an environment in which you can run PHP, you can choose to  download the "latest full version   PHP Green Server Integration  Environment" for the PHP operating environment in the Windows operating  system, and the package is complete Green, do not need to install. You can go to the download page to download.

The integration environment includes the following components

APACHE 2.2.4
PHP 5.4.45
MYSQL 5.0.27
Catfish CMS the latest version

Let us look at how to use the integrated environment

After you  download the integrated environment package, you will get the following  files (because the system version will not be updated regularly, you can  see the file version number may be different)

This is a compressed package file, we need to extract the file, extract the folder you will see after decompression

Then we open this folder

Here is a folder  and an html file, you can use the browser to open the "Integrated  environment using .html" this file to view the detailed installation  instructions.

Then we put the  folder "CatfishServer" copied to your computer "D" root directory (Note:  must be copied to the D root below, or can not function properly)

Copy is over, we open the "D: CatfishServer" folder, you will see the following folders and files

Catfish CMS  system files in this folder, if the version is upgraded, you need to  test the new version of the Catfish CMS, then you can "web" folder to  delete all the files in the folder, And then copy the new version of the file to the "web" folder can do the test.

We use the mouse to double-click "start service" will appear as follows running window

All you have to do now is wait for all the services to finish, and then automatically open the following page in the browser

At this point,  the integrated environment has been started successfully. You can start  the Catfish CMS installation by clicking on the front address or typing  "http: // localhost" in the address bar of your browser. The installation wizard will appear in front of you

Then follow the prompts to install all the way down on the line.


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