Catfish CMS Theme Download

In order to facilitate the use of Catfish CMS system, special launch "Catfish CMS theme download." If you just found that you like the theme, may wish to download to use ^_^

Of course, if  you develop your own beautiful theme, and are willing to share with you,  you can contact the administrator to publish your theme works.

Download the theme file how to use?

First, extract the downloaded file;

Second, the decompression of the folder into the "public" folder below, the details can refer to "theme file structure";

Third, in the  background to find "system settings" -> "Web site information", and  then find the "template program", switch to the theme you need.


How to use the Catfish CMS system

Section 1: How to add articles

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Section 2: to the article to add c...

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Section 3: Add a menu to your site

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Section 4: Page Setup

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Section 5: Change website name, LO...

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