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After the system is deployed, enter the domain name, there is no installation page how is it?
Under  normal circumstances, when your system is deployed, the direct access  to the domain name will be able to automatically enter the installation  interface, you only need to follow the prompts to install the system on  it. If there is no installation interface, according to the actual situation encountered for the following reasons:
1, your web operating environment does not meet the minimum requirements of the system, the system needs to run properly
PHP> = 5.4.0;
PDO PHP Extension;
MBstring PHP Extension;
C U R L PHP Extension.
Please check and configure your web environment to meet the requirements.
2, if you are using the linux operating system, then please check your file and folder permissions can read and write.
3, if you are using Ali cloud virtual host, then check the virtual  host PHP.ini settings are enabled in the output buffer data block.

Why is there an index.php in the path of access?
There index.php access path, is not open due to pseudo-static caused. Need to open the pseudo-static web environment support specific open method, please view the relevant information. If you use the web server is not Apache, open the pseudo-static also need to background -> System Settings -> site information, and then find one of the "enable short address" and check after save.

The installation process successfully completed, why is the installation after the visit error?
This situation occurs because you are installing the system, did not  correctly fill in the database of relevant information, please carefully  check the database information and then reinstall the system.

How do I upgrade my system?
System upgrade Please download the upgrade package to upgrade, upgrade  the package go to the official website -> download -> system  download page, find the update package link.

Why is the picture in the article not adaptable to the screen?
All the themes provided by the official, the picture can be adapted to the screen. The  reason for this is that when you write the article content, directly to  other parts of the image link copied to the text edit box, so when you  visit the article, the picture is actually passed from somewhere else. The correct way is to use the image box in the edit box to upload  pictures to your server, so that the picture will be able to adapt to  the screen.

In the machine after the normal installation of the system, why other computer access pages will become messy?
This happens because of the domain name you used to install and the domain name used when accessing it. Be sure to use the domain name you will use to access the system when you install the system.

Why is there an inaccessible situation after the system upgrade?

This is because the old system has a cache, when the upgrade to the new system is still called after the old system cache. The  solution is to upgrade the system before the first to delete the cache,  and then use the upgrade package to upgrade the system.


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