Catfish CMS system update

Catfish CMS system is mainly updated as follows:

v6.7.3 update (20220520):
optimize the system;
improved installation;
System enhancements.

v6.7.0 update (20220415):
Improve system code;
increase system strength;
Support unequal backup;
Input checks are enhanced.

v6.6.0 update (20220317):
Upgrade Handyeditor;
Enhance plugin implementation;
enhance the system;
Improve implementation.

v6.5.0 update (20220217):
enhance the system;
Register to use the canonical name;
Add branch for record;
Authors are open to upload attachments.

v6.4.0 update (20220111):
Added comment filtering;
Default theme optimization;
Full support for PHP8.1.

v6.3.0 update (20211208):
Added the ability to view the author;
Add hashtags;
Optimize the system.

v6.2.6 update (20211108):
Comments support simple paging;
The editor supports uploading in webp format;
Optimize access.

v6.2.3 update (20211018):
Perform operation expansion;
The system comes with the theme to increase the reply code;
Upgrade HE.

v6.2.0 update (20211003):
Optimize background execution;
The default theme adds an example of attachment output;
The attachment can automatically recognize audio and video playback.

V6.1.0 Update (20210830):
Optimize non-view mode;
Optimize display;
System enhancement.

v6.0.0 update (20210810):
Upgrade HE;
Upgrade the cache system;
Improve code implementation;
Optimize the amount of large data;
System enhancement.

v5.9.15 update (20210726):
Enhanced plug-in;
Add template tags;
Optimize the display.

v5.9.12 update (20210703):
Strengthen label output;
Upgrade HE;
Convenient plug-in production.

v5.9.9 update (20210620):
Optimize the system;
Plug-in extension
Adjust the partial display.

v5.9.6 update (20210601):
Support PHP8;
Adjusted some codes;
Optimized use.

v5.9.3 update (20210517):
Optimal use;
Fixed some problems;
Some codes have been adjusted.

v5.9.0 update (20210419):
Optimized the use of the system;
The backend supports plug-in deletion.

v5.8.0 update (20210406):
Optimize the system;
Fixed some problems;
Support plug-in upload.

v5.7.0 update (20210322):
Optimize topic upload;
System enhancement;
Support theme deletion online;
Upgrade css support.

v5.6.0 update (20210306):
Optimize system implementation;
Support themes can be uploaded in the background;
Fixed some problems.

v5.5.3 update (20210203):
Fixed some problems;
Optimize the system;
Optimize the display.

v5.5.0 update (20210112):
Optimize and adjust the system;
new features;
Fix some problems.

v5.4.18 update (20201214):
Optimize system usage;
Enhanced system
Improve part of the code.

v5.4.15 update (20201130):
Fixed some problems;
Optimized return;
Adjust part of the code.

v5.4.12 update (20201112):
Optimize part of the code;
Adjustment realization;
Strengthen the plug-in.

v5.4.9 update (20201029):
Optimize the plug-in;
Improve the code;
Adjust the system.

v5.4.6 update (20201012):
Expansion system
Adjust part of the code;
Improve the plug-in system.

v5.4.3 update (20201001):
Optimize operation;
Add a label;
Improve the system.

v5.4.0 update (20200913):
Optimize the system;
Add authors and editors;
Adjust part of the code.

v5.3.0 update (20200830):
Fixed some problems;
Expansion system
Add attachments to a single page.

v5.2.0 update (20200818):
Improve partial realization;
Optimize the system;
Add attachments.

v5.1.0 update (20200806):
Add editing template;
Extended plug-ins;
Adjust part of the system code.

v5.0.0 update (20200726):
Extended output
Optimize existing systems;
Realize power failure protection;
Adjust the structure of the system;
Exclusively develop non-existent continuation technology (NEC).

v4.9.90 update (20200706):
Optimization system
Enhanced compatibility;
Extended label.

Update v4.9.87 (20200622):
Optimized list
Extended output
Enhanced compatibility.

v4.9.84 update (20200608):
Some optimizations have been made to the system;
Expanded some content;
The operation has been adjusted.

v4.9.81 update (20200526):
Optimize some codes;
Enhanced compatibility;
Adjusted some functions.

v4.9.78 update (20200511):
Optimized system implementation;
Extended system
Upgrade some functions.

v4.9.75 update (20200428):
Optimized code
Expansion enhancement;
Strengthen the system.

v4.9.72 update (20200416):
Optimize output
System enhancement;
The adjustment is partially achieved.

v4.9.69 update (20200329):
Optimize access
Enhancement system
Extended output.

v4.9.66 update (20200316):
System enhancement
Optimize code implementation;
Fixed some issues.

v4.9.63 update (20200225):
Optimized the system code;
Adjusted some implementations;
System enhancement.

v4.9.60 update (20200215):
System enhancement
Upgrade HE;
Optimize some code.

v4.9.57 update (20200122):
Adjust part of the code;
Optimized the system.

v4.9.54 update (20200109):
Optimized the system;
Increased function
Tweaked some code.

v4.9.51 update (20191230):
Output enhancement
Adjusted code;
System Optimization.

v4.9.48 update (20191219):
Enhanced output
Optimize tags
Adjust the system code.

v4.9.45 update (20191210):
Optimized code implementation;
Extended output;
System adjustment.

v4.9.42 update (20191128):
Theme expansion
Enhanced paging;
Tag expansion.

V4.9.39 update (20191114):
Plugin extension
Code optimization;
System expansion.

V4.9.36 update (20191031):
Extended output
System Optimization;
Label optimization.

V4.9.33 update (20191017):
Optimize the output;
System expansion
Strengthen the theme.

V4.9.30 update (20190929):
Output extension
Add a label;
Optimize partial implementation.

V4.9.27 update (20190919):
Function expansion;
Optimized implementation;
Enhanced grading.

V4.9.24 update (20190909):
Theme optimization;
Function expansion;
Optimize the code.

V4.9.21 update (20190829):
Optimize the code;
Extended call
Detail adjustment.

V4.9.18 update (20190804):
System expansion
Adjustment call
Optimize some of the code.

V4.9.15 update (20190723):
System strengthening;
Adjust some functions;
Optimize the code.

V4.9.12 update (20190708):
System upgrade
Output adjustment
Optimized some extensions.

V4.9.9 update (20190627):
Fixed some issues;
System strengthening;
Some implementations have been adjusted.

V4.9.6 update:
Subject related adjustments;
Output extension
System enhancements.

V4.9.3 update:
Adjusting part of the implementation;
Strengthen verification;
Theme extension.

V4.9.0 update:
System architecture upgrade;
Increased efficiency;
Optimize partial implementation.

V4.8.75 update:
The plugin system is strengthened;
Output adjustment
System enhancements.

V4.8.72 update:
Fixed some issues;
Filtration enhancement;
The friend chain can retain the original picture.

V4.8.69 update:
System expansion
Plugin enhancements;
Upgrade HE.

V4.8.66 update:
The display made some adjustments;
Plugin enhancements;
Increased retracement.

V4.8.63 update:
Plugin enhancements;
Display adjustment
Upgrade HE.

V4.8.60 update:
Improved some implementations;
System enhancement
Adjusted some of the presentations.

V4.8.57 update:
Fixed some issues;
System strengthening;
Added partial implementation.

V4.8.54 update:
Fixed some issues;
Plugin enhancements;
Adjust the system.

V4.8.51 update:
Improved some implementations;
Background enhancement;
System adjustment.

V4.8.48 update:
Improved some implementations;
System adjustment
Theme enhancements.

V4.8.45 update:
Fixed some issues;
System expansion
Enhanced functionality.

V4.8.42 update:
Fixed some issues;
Optimize system implementation;
Upgrade HE.

V4.8.39 update:
Fixed some issues;
Improved system implementation;

V4.8.36 update:
Upgrade HE;
Support extension;
Fixed some issues.

V4.8.33 update:
Enable HE;
System enhancement
Function expansion.

V4.8.30 update:
System enhancement
Plugin extension
Function adjustment.

V4.8.27 update:
Plugin extension
Theme extension;
System adjustment.

V4.8.24 update:
Fixed some issues;
Theme extension;
System enhancements.

V4.8.21 update:
Fixed some issues;
System expansion
Added support.

V4.8.18 update:
System Upgrade;
Function expansion
Output expansion.

V4.8.15 update:
Fixed some issues;
System adaptability is enhanced;
Plugin extension.

V4.8.12 update:
Front page enhancements;
Adjusted the system;
Theme production extensions.

V4.8.9 update:
Theme enhancement
System Optimization;
Display expansion.

V4.8.6 update:
System enhancements;
Plug-in extensions;
Output expansion.

V4.8.3 update:
Fixed some issues;
Category page enhancements;

V4.8.0 update:
System optimization and promotion;
Enhanced function;
Make it simple.

V4.7.27 update:
Fixed some issues;
Access extensions;
Increased security.

V4.7.24 update:
Friends chain expansion;
System enhancement;
Link adjustments.

V4.7.21 Update:
Article enhancement
System adjustment;
The number of records can be set.

V4.7.18 update:
Fixed some issues;
System enhancements;
Theme expansion.

v4.7.15 update:
Classification output enhancement;
System strengthening
Date format increased.

v4.7.12 update:
Input compatibility enhancement
Page upgrade
Template enhancement.

v4.7.9 update:
Multi-lingual adjustment
User adjustment
Security is enhanced.

v4.7.6 update:
Article system adjustment;
Theme adjustment
System upgrade.

v4.7.3 update:
Output expansion
Search enhancement
System upgrade.

v4.7.0 update:
Theme can use custom tags;
New combination labels and easy labels
Simplify theme production;
System function upgrade
Security is enhanced.

v4.6.15 update:
Plug-in enhancement
The system has been optimized;
Fixed some issues.

v4.6.12 update:
Fixed some issues;
Background can be closed RSS;
Menu display enhanced。

v4.6.9 update:
System function enhancement;
Friends link output strengthened;
Plug-in enhancement。

v4.6.6 update:
Improve system functions;
Subject adjustment;
Plug-in function enhancement。

v4.6.3 update:
System improvement;
Background can close the message;
Support off comment。

v4.6.0 update:
Fixed some questions;
System security enhancement;
System function enhancement;
Phone playback Video compatibility enhancements。

v4.5.7 update
The background administrator can manage the collection;
Improved rss output;
Increased security。

v4.5.4 update
Adjust the article
Paging enhancement
Improved site map
Increased security

v4.5.0 update

Adjust the system implementation
Plug-in functionality is enhanced
Support rss

v4.4.23 update
You can customize the 404 page
Support the closure of the site and can be customized to close the page
You can close the site map in the background

v4.4.20 update
Plugin extension
Subdirectory support enhancements
Add site map Sitemap。

v4.4.17 update:

New page editor can be replaced
User management adjustments
Plugin enhanced.

V4.4.14 update:
System security enhancement;
The form submission is enhanced;
Plug-in mechanism improvement;
Can be achieved on the background editor replacement.

V4.4.10 update:
Article form has increased notification and paging;
System security enhancements;
The plugin has been expanded.

V4.4.7 update:
The role of the author;
Show article column enhancements;
Article Recycle Bin adjustment.

V4.4.4 update:
Article added form setting;
The theme has been expanded;
Plugin enhanced.

V4.4.0 update:
The subject label is simplified;
Increased security.

V4.3.8 update:
You can customize the time format;
Publish an article and choose to post it immediately.

V4.3.4 update:
Added settings for website icons;
Support third party login
Added automatic push to Baidu's function.

V4.3.0 update:
The plugin has been expanded;
Added support for page display slideshow.

V4.2.35 update:
Mobile phone side of the template can be designed independently;
Menu custom link support #, javascript: void (0);
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