Catfish CMS System Support Services

Thank you for using Catfish CMS!

Catfish CMS system is based on PHP development of open source free web site system.

You can get a lifetime free upgrade product download.

The site will be  based on actual demand from time to time to upgrade the existing  software version, please pay attention to, and according to your actual  needs to decide whether to upgrade or not.

Any additional  service other than the product upgrade download service is not part of  the free product, ie if you are a user of a free product, then you will  not be able to provide any separate information about any problems you  may encounter while using the system solution.

You can submit  your question to us via a message, and we will refer to your issue to  determine if a unified solution will be available in the next release.

If you plan to apply the Catfish CMS for commercial use, please contact the official authorized software.

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How to use the Catfish CMS system

Section 1: How to add articles

Management background is composed of five bl...

Section 2: to the article to add c...

In the previous section, we talked about how...

Section 3: Add a menu to your site

In the previous section we talked about how ...

Section 4: Page Setup

To the last section we have learned to use t...

Section 5: Change website name, LO...

By the end of the previous section, we have ...


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