Catfish Blog System Update

Catfish Blog system is mainly updated as follows:

V2.2.18 update (20191010):
System code extension;
Add output;
Optimize the adjustment.

V2.2.15 update (20190925):
Output extension
Optimize theme production;
System local adjustment.

V2.2.12 update (20190911):
Improved partial implementation;
Optimized the code;
Front end extension.

V2.2.9 update (20190829):
Code optimization;
Function expansion;
System local adjustment.

V2.2.6 update (20190731):
System strengthening;
Theme extension;
Adjust optimization.

V2.2.3 update (20190718):
Strengthen some functions;
Increased scalability;
Optimize the system.

V2.2.0 update (20190704):
Template system extension;
System Optimization;
Use improvements.

V2.1.9 update:
Plugin extension
System improvement
Output improvements.

V2.1.6 update:
Output adjustment
Improved some code;
System enhancements.

V2.1.3 update:
Adjusted part of the implementation;
Strengthen verification;
Increase the assistance.

V2.1.0 update:
Enhanced system functionality;
Optimized implementation;
Increased efficiency.

V2.0.75 update:
Optimized implementation;
Plugin enhancements;
Partial adjustment of the system.

V2.0.72 update:
Fixed some issues;
Improved some systems;
Output adjustment.

V2.0.69 update:
Local adjustment of the system;
Expanded the plugin;
Strengthened the system.

V2.0.66 update:
Plugin enhancements;
The system made some adjustments;
Upgrade HE.

V2.0.63 update:
Partial adjustment of the system;
Can cancel the set thumbnail;
Upgrade HandyEditor to version 1.5.21.

V2.0.60 update:
Operational optimization;
Plugin enhancements;
Partial adjustments were made to the display.

V2.0.57 update:
Enhanced the system;
Fixed some issues;
Some implementations have been optimized.

V2.0.54 update:
Fixed some issues;
System enhancement
Some implementations have been improved.

V2.0.51 update:
Improved some features;
Adjusted the system;
Some implementations have been enhanced.

V2.0.48 update:
Some problems have been improved;
Increase consistency judgment;
System adjustment.

V2.0.45 update:
Fixed some issues;
Theme enhancement;
System adjustment.

V2.0.42 update:
Adjusted the system;
Functional enhancement;
System expansion.

V2.0.39 update:
Fixed some issues;
Upgrade HE;
System adjustment.

V2.0.36 update:
Fixed some issues;
Plugin extension
System adjustment.

V2.0.33 update:
HE upgrade;
System expansion
Fixed some issues.

V2.0.30 update:
System expansion
Enhanced function;
Use 'HE' in the background.

V2.0.27 update:
Plugin extension
System strengthening;
Built in jLos.

V2.0.24 update:
Theme extension;
Plugin enhancements;
System Optimization.

V2.0.21 update:
Output adjustment
System expansion
HE upgrade.

V2.0.18 update:
Fixed some issues;
System enhancement
Local adjustment.

V2.0.15 update:
Output extension
System Upgrade;
The theme implementation is extended.

V2.0.12 update:
Output enhancement;
Plugin extension
System Optimization.

V2.0.9 update:
Output enhancement;
Application extensions;
System Optimization.

V2.0.6 update:
Fixed some issues;
System Optimization;
Output enhancements.

V2.0.3 update:
Category page promotion;
Upgrade optimization
HandyEditor application.

V2.0.0 update:
System function enhancement;
Optimize and simplify production;
Further strengthen effectiveness.

V1.3.18 update:
Fixed some issues;
Access to generalization;
RSS adjustments.

V1.3.15 update:
The number of records can be set;
Friends chain expansion;
Page enhancements.

V1.3.12 update:
You can set the home display quantity;
Article output enhancement;
The system has increased.

V1.3.9 update:
System enhancements;
Output range can be set;
Increased time format.

v1.3.6 update:
Fixed some issues
Page enhancement
Template to strengthen.

v1.3.3 update:
System upgrade
Subject specification
Security is enhanced.

v1.3.0 update:
Output enhancement
System Upgrade;
Use optimization.

v1.2.3 update:
Fixed some issues
Output adjustment
Search improvement.

v1.2.0 update:
Theme can use custom tags;
New combination labels and easy labels
Simplify theme production;
Add the hottest articles, random articles, hot articles tag;
Add personal information.

v1.1.21 update:
Fixed some issues
System enhancement
Personal information increases.

v1.1.18 update:
Fixed some issues
Menu display enhancements
Plug-in adjustment.

v1.1.15 update:
Friends chain output strengthened;
Background can set the front cover and background map;
Plug-ins to strengthen.

v1.1.12 update:
Background enhancements;
System comes with theme upgrade;
Plug-in enhancement.

v1.1.9 update:
Increase private articles
System function adjustment
Website comments can be closed in the background.

v1.1.6 update:
Storage adjustment
System adjustment
Mobile phone video compatibility enhanced.

v1.1.3 update:
Enhanced security
Comes with theme upgrade
Clear the author's borders.

v1.1.0 update:
Direct access to blog owner information;
Can get classified items;
Get the latest comment
New theme, the default theme upgrade.


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