Authorization and service

1. in the spirit of openness and freedom, Catfish CMS since July 18, 2018, the abolition of commercial use must first pay the provisions of the authorization, that is to say you can free Catfish CMS and Catfish Blog to the commercial use of the web site. See "Catfish CMS Software Usage Agreement"

2. Catfish CMS and Catfish Blog are always free for non-commercial personal webmasters.

3. all users obtained Catfish CMS or Catfish Blog are complete, without any function deletion, and free to enjoy professional level upgrade services (Catfish CMS does not need manual automatic upgrade services, Catfish Blog backstage online upgrade services).

4. all users can get free information, manuals, e-books, videos and so on free of charge.

5. use note: since the current Catfish CMS system is free automatic upgrade, Catfish Blog system is free online upgrade, so please do not modify or adjust the system code and change the location of folders and files in the use of the system (because changes may lead to unknown problems), usually due to any changes Or changes caused problems do not provide any solution.

6. If you need additional protection and support services, you can choose to apply for purchasing services. We will provide warranty and support for the corresponding number of years based on the services you purchase. Source code warranty and support services are currently available at a price of 500 yuan per domain per year. For service matters, please contact email:

7. At the request of some users, the Catfish CMS system can apply for genuine authorization since version 4.9.63, and the Catfish Blog system can apply for genuine authorization since version 2.3.9. After authorization, the background footer version number is no longer displayed. For users who need authorization, please log in to the user center to apply for self-service.


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